getting ahead

Motivation Monday

You know how you always say “diet starts monday” or  “meal plan starts monday” and “hitting the gym starting monday” well thats ok! Monday is here #letsdothis #noexcuses #motivationmonday

Holiday Motivation

Hello out there- happy hump day! Here are some tunes to get you through those “but I’m too busy ” “its to cold” “but its the holidays” “and I’m on vacation” excuses that are about ...

Motivation Monday

Here are some new tunes to get your Monday on! Sets, Laps, Swings—- this playlist will get you sweating. Todays additions to the playlist include Big Data, Calvin Harris & Sia You can follow this link ...


Tuesday Tips

Electrolytes– do we really need them? I am a fanatic about drinking my electrolyte water before and after my workouts- maybe its because I live in Vegas, or that I do hot yoga/Pilates, or maybe ...